Communication Services

Communication Services

Clear and effective communication is essential for the success of a company and every brand. The company website, any printed advertising material, e-mails or social media are important channels of communication.

The way you communicate, share information and talk with your customers contributes significantly to the overall picture of your company. When used strategically, communication can help you strengthen your business and grow it sustainably.

But especially for small businesses, supporting different communication channels such as blogs or social media can be a challenge.

Lack of time and strategy are the most common reasons why Facebook pages or are created once but never updated again, newsletters are never sent or websites have little or boring content.

That´s where I come in. I help businesses with their communication & content strategy in Europe, especially Germany.

My clients

Solopreneurs & small and medium sized enterprises.
Online entrepreneurs.
Non profit organizations & NGOs.

Reach your business goals with effective communication.

Build the foundation for your success with the right strategy, continuity and authenticity

Benefits and possible results of strategic communication

  • Positioning as an expert in your industry.
  • Improved brand awareness.
  • Added value for your business partners, customers and potential new customers.
  • Stronger customer loyalty.
  • Greater reach.
  • More customers -> more sales.

Reach your ideal customers by choosing the right words.

Hanna am Schreibtisch

My services at a glance

Hanna am Schreibtisch

Content Strategy

Every country has a different style of communication. What works in the US or India does not necessarily work in Germany.

When companies want to reach potential customers in Germany it is important to find the right tone and to identify the best channel of communication. Sometimes that means little things, for example choosing between a polite “Sie” or a informal “Du” when talking to customers.

Good content should also be designed in a way that it speaks to a particular target audience. When designing a content strategy I keep all these things in mind and make sure, you reach your ideal customers in an effective way.

Hanna Meiners- Übersetzerin

Translation & localization

In times of ecommerce many businesses are realizing the potential of selling their products online. Germany being a big market is one of the first places targeted by international companies.

If you are planning a business trip, attending a trade fair or other public event, you will be likely to carry some marketing material with you. Or maybe you just want to send across information of your product or services to potential business partners and/or customers.

I will help you in translating your brochures, cards or posters, both online and offline. I am also happy to assist you with the translation of your company website or ecommerce website into German while making sure the content is localized for the specific country.

Blogging as a Service

A blog is a great way to position yourself as an expert, communicate your brand and improve your reach. However, a blog lives on current, regular and above all relevant, well-researched content.

If you commission me to manage your blog, we will first develop a concept that is in line with your goals.

After that I take over the implementation and the regular updates of your blog for you. If desired, the blog articles can also be spread in relevant social media channels or portals. Contact me for an individual offer.

Do you want to reach your ideal target audience or potential clients and partners with effective communication?

Book an initial 20 minute consultation for free to discuss your individual requirements.

Would you like to work with me on English content?

I frequently get requests from people asking me for services in English. As English is not my mother tongue I usually don’t take up blogging or writing assignments in English. I believe in giving the best quality service to my clients and thus want to stick to my expertise which is German and Finnish language.

I’m happy to assist you when it comes to designing your overall communication strategy. There are some awesome native English writers in my network that I can refer you to for content related projects – people that I have worked with in the past and I personally guarantee the quality of their work.

Would like to get your content translated into another language?

I have a great network of writers and freelancers from various countries. I’m happy to assist you in finding the right writer in your preferred language

Do you want to reach your audience with great content?

Send your inquiry to:

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