I help businesses reach their ideal audience with language that works.

– Strategically, effectively and reliably.

I help businesses reach their ideal audience with language that works.

– Strategically, effectively and reliably –

Hanna Meiners

Hello, I am Hanna, freelance copywriter and content expert. I support my clients in creating fresh content strategies and compelling texts.

My path to independence – perhaps typical for Generation Y – was often quite adventurous. After studying German language and communication studies at the University of Helsinki, jobs in various start-up companies and several long stays abroad (especially in India and Thailand), I now use my wealth of experience as a source of inspiration for my work.

Always on the pulse of time, with enthusiasm for the cause and with a focus on what is essential.

I believe working on projects should be fun for everybody involved. Important values for me are honesty, quality and punctuality.

Topics that interest me:

  • New work, coworking, work trends
  • Generation Y
  • Self-employment
  • Personal growth
  • Travel
  • Language and Culture
  • Sustainability

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My Journey

Travel and culture have always fascinated me. As a German-Finnish native I grew up in two countries and with two mother tongues. Even as a small child I drew pictures with people from different countries standing in a circle, listened to Arab music and other exotic tunes and was imagining myself in international places. From that age I was also interested in languages.

Hanna - interkulturelle Kommunikation

I made my first one-month trip to Italy when I was 17 years old (long before smartphones, AirBnB and GoogleMaps existed). Later, while still being a student at university, I also spent several months in Canada. But my greatest adventure began in 2010 when I booked a trip to India: What started as a yoga holiday in the South Indian state of Kerala, resulted in many more trips to this impressive country.

After a few months on the exotic beaches of southern India I spent longer periods of time in various Indian cities, mostly in Bangalore. During my trips I often found myself in surprising situations: I lived with a musical Sikh family in Delhi, danced with 250 children, drank Darjeeling tea on a mountain peak in Sikkim or was an actress in an advertising video for Varkala Beach.

Today much of what I have experienced in the last eight years feels like an excerpt from an adventure movie – a movie that is to be continued…

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