I´m a German-Finnish native with a great passion for intercultural communication, travelling and sustainability. I hold a Master´s degree in German literature from the University of Helsinki, Finland.
I have been travelling extensively since I was 17 years old and I have lived in various cities like Helsinki, Montreal and Bangalore to name a few.
Even as a small child I drew pictures with people from different countries standing in a circle, listened to Arab music and other exotic tunes and was imagining myself in international places. From that age I was also interested in languages, communication and cultures. My first attempt to write a book was at age 6 (at the same age I planned to become a famous artist and tried imitating paintings of Picasso).
I almost ended up studying Latin at university, but gladly was rejected. (Who knows in what dusty research office I might have spent my life…) Instead I studied German literature and – as a student of the University of Helsinki, Finland – also got to know about Finnish language well. My thesis about concepts of Romanticism, nomadism and modern poetry was a hit among the professors of my department, who encouraged me to write a PhD.

But was this REALLY what I was destined to do?

After months of struggling with writing my thesis and my graduation in January 2010 I quite spontaneously decided to go to India.

This trip had a life changing effect for me. What started as a simple yoga holiday and volunteering experience at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, resulted in many more travels, countless adventures and numerous friends in this incredible country. On my journey I have come across many inspiring personalities, visionary entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. Maybe that is the reason why I have chosen less common paths and always felt drawn to alternative ways of living. I have been able to build a great network in India and around the world, learn about Indian culture, business and life. Hard to believe that it has been nearly 5 years already!

My vision:

Communication, India, traveling and sustainability – those are my passions in a nutshell. But if I would have to really narrow it down to one word that would be CONNECTION.

Connection with oneself.

Connection with nature.

Connection with people. And the connection between all three.

That is my passion, and that is what I work towards.


Would you like to know more about my life and experiences in India?

Read inspiring stories about travel, entrepreneurship and and India-related topics in my blog.

Connecting cultures and people, giving them meaningful experiences.

I believe that in the cultural diversity and “the other” we can learn a lot about ourselves. And as yogis, sadhus and other wisdom keepers know: that´s what it is all about.

Creating meaningful connections across cultures with
communication that works

Let´s work together!