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Are you confused, when your Indian business partner says “no problem” and wobbles with the head?

Are you surprised to realize you are the first one reaching the venue at an event in India (while being just on time)?

Do you feel Germans are harsh and rude in the way they communicate?

Are German business people lacking flexibility in your view?


All these are great examples of cultural differences.

Having worked with people in various countries I know how great but also challenging international projects and ventures can be.

Training and Consulting

In fact it is a common trait of intercultural scenarios that everybody has a great vision coupled with good intentions and enthusiasm, but then it all suddenly turns into a disaster. Nobody knows what went wrong.

Intercultural training can prepare entrepreneurs and teams for international projects by creating cultural awareness. It will help you understanding cultural behaviours, avoid common pitfalls and be professionally productive.

Intercultural training

Intercultural training can be used as a helpful tool to prepare a team or delegation for a foreign trip. In the training we will cover

  • Introduction to the other culture
  • Business culture
  • Common pitfalls, dos and don’ts
  • Ways of effective communication
  • Becoming more sensitive and aware of culture
  • How to create a common ground of respect and understanding

Intercultural training can be conducted as a live workshop or also as an online webinar.

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If you are planning a project, business trip or other venture in Germany or India, there might be many challenges on the way. Language problems, cultural differences and not incomplete information can be in the way of a successful business trip.

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