Services in India

like Bangalore, Kochi, Delhi and Bhubaneswar, I was able to gain deep insights into the culture of India.
At the same time I was able to build a diverse and vast network across the country.

I can now say with confidence that I have some understanding of “how the clocks tick” in India (knowing the learning actually never stops!)

I partner and work only with experienced professionals that I know personally and whose quality of work I trust.

My services include:

  • Planning & assistance with business trips
  • Marketing analysis
  • Opening of a virtual office in India
  • Office spaces and commercial spaces in Bangalore
  • Identifying suitable business partners for your specific requirements

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Typical challenges foreigners face in India:

  • Communication gap, language challenges
  • Different work culture and mentality
  • Missing or less developed infrastructure
  • Different sense of time
  • Cultural complexity, there´s not just one simple rule, that applies to the whole country
  • Importance of personal contacts and networks
  • Expectations are based on assumptions, not actual knowledge of the country


Benefit from my extensive network in India now!

  • Save time in time consuming research
  • Support for your communication in India
  • Find reliable partners that follow international standards
  • I am happy to consult you regarding various destinations, etiquettes, dos and don´ts



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